Business Description

Rembourrages Experts Amobi inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of products for the mining and industrial sectors. We are known for our fabric lifelines, available with or without reflective bands, as well as for several upholstery projects, both in the industrial and residential sectors.


Rembourrages Experts Amobi inc. (REA) is born of the merger between two regional businesses, namely Rembourrages Experts RN and Amobi. The two well-known businesses are established in the community, and respectively have nearly 20 and 30 years of experience. Our work in the upholstery industry involves the reconditioning and manufacturing of all types of seats, canvas boat tops, awnings, multi-purpose shelters, and more. This merger has allowed us to offer a broad range of products and complementary services, notably in the mining, industrial, and commercial sectors, thus strengthening our position on these different markets. We sell our products throughout Québec and in Northeastern Ontario.

Our business’ executive manager is Estelle Corbeil, who currently heads a team of a dozen dynamic and dedicated individuals.

Mission & Values

We tirelessly seek to surpass ourselves, whether it be at the level of our designs or the manufacture of our high-quality products adapted to the specific needs of our diverse clientele in the recreational, commercial, industrial, and mining sectors.

Our values, which are central to the accomplishment of our mission, are the following:

  • Promote innovation and creativity
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Foster productivity without compromising on quality.

We are thus committed to:

  • Offering excellent pre- and post-sale services to all our customers
  • Offering a dynamic and stimulating work environment where safety is promoted

Team Members

Estelle Corbeil, Executive Director

Sylvain Perrier, Project manager

Nadia Richard-Gilbert, Accounting clerk and Assistant

Audrey Demers, Administrative Technician

Cathy Royer, Sales and purchasing clerk

Yvon Perrier, Industrial draftsman and soumissionary

Carmen Tremblay, Industrial Seamstress

Lorrain Gagnon, Industrial Upholsterer

Rébecca-Fée Ouellet, Industrial Seamstress

Roberto Serna, Trainee Upholsterer

Gilbert Rheault, Assembling Technician

Luc Desroches, Assembling Technician

Normand Pilon, Daily