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REA is a business specialized in the reconditioning and manufacturing of all types of seats. The merger of Amobi and Rembourrages Experts in 2014 allowed the two businesses to combine 50 years of experience. The team at REA has thus managed to develop expertise in designing canvas products such as boat or ATV roofs, awnings, multi-purpose shelters, tailor-made bags, safety banners, etc.

As REA has more than one string to its bow, it also offers the most reliable modular floating docks systems ever installed on water—the Candock docks.

Manufacturing operator’s seats is our profession. AMOBI offers solutions that respond to the specific needs of professional operators of mobile equipment.

CANDOCK offers a superior quality modular floating dock system that is simple to install, flexible, and durable. It’s an ideal solution for residential and commercial (marina) docks.

Since 1955 , the quality of UNICANVAS products is second to none. Mechanical and electrical awnings, mosquito nets and kitchenettes , porches and gazebos , all products tailored and affordable.

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MULTIPLE AWNINGS is Canada’s largest manufacturer of residential and commercial awnings. With over 30 years experience, MULTIPLE AWNINGS is the leader in awning design and manufacturing.