Amobi offers innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of professional, mobile equipment drivers. Our products, be they reconditioned or customized, are recommended by the CSST, and are sturdy and precision-manufactured to ensure unparalleled quality.


We are proud to offer the most reliable floating docks systems ever installed on water—the Candock modular floating docks. Whether it be for a floating dock or a dry dock, for a boat or for a sea-doo, our products are designed to readily withstand the repetitive movement of waves.


We are also a retailer of Unicanvas products. We sell RV awnings, available in a wide selection of colours, Sun Kit products, as well as cleaning and maintenance products.


NEW FROM 2020 ! We are the only distributor of Multiple Awnings in the region. We now offer a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial shelters, awnings, curtains.