Rembourrages Experts Amobi offers unique, custom designs for all types of projects. You have an idea in mind? We have the skills to bring it to life.


In the recreational sector, a new boat top or even a protective boat hull canvas will ensure that your motorized vehicles last.


In the industrial sector, our products, such as lifelines and safety signs/banners, silk-screened banners, corridor shelters, temporary emergency shelters, and survival tents attached to ventilators ensure your safety, whereas our smaller creations like psychrometer casesemulsion pouches, custom carrier bags, and Nonel detonator bags with chloroplast or fabric compartments will help make life easier for you.

Adapted to the region’s reality, our products have a robust design, and are made of the most durable materials, thus ensuring that your purchase is of high quality.

Seat Reconditioning

As the sustainability of seats on the market varies greatly, and since their cost is often substantial, we offer a reconditioning service in order to help you save a third, and sometimes even half, of the costs for the purchase of new seats.


Rembourrages Experts Amobi specializes in the upholstery of all types of seats. In order to offer maximum comfort, we can sculpt and rebuild the seat of your motorcycle. Whether it be to cover your seat with new material, or even to restore a unique collectible, our upholstery artisans possess the undeniable expertise needed to carry out all your projects.